Would You Like Me
to Personally Run Your
Marketing for You?


If you really like the videos and training I've been sending you, then you might like this too.

I'm looking to work with a handful of clients who want to earn $250k - $1M in the next 12 months, even if you have never broke through the six figures mark before.

Here's Who This is For:

  1. You have a high ticket service to sell, minimum of $3,000.00 and above
  2. You must have a legitimate business and a proven track record of getting your clients results.
  3. You're confident you can help your clients get results

That's it!

If you meet the criteria above, then I'd love to speak with you.

Here's What I've Got:

This is a "Done for You" Marketing Program where:

  • I put you into 5-15 sales conversations every month with prospects who are a good fit for your services
  • You wake up in the morning and have new leads that are excited to speak with you
  • Your job is to wake up, check your inbox, and meet with your potential clients to make sure you want to work with them

Here's How It Works

There are 3-types of markets, that we can market to online...

HOT audiences: people who have bought a book, or spent money with you as a client or customer. This is someone who has given you MONEY.

WARM audiences: people who have watched your FREE videos, listened to your podcast or consumed your FREE content online, but have never purchased anything from you (or have been asked to).

And lastly...

COLD audiences: people who have no idea who you are, which is going to be the biggest aspect of your market.

So our job is help you structure FREE VIDEOS that we can put in front of COLD audiences so that they warm up. Then we re-target these WARM audiences with Offers that invite people to speak with you on a 1-on-1 consultation.

We have a 6 week turnaround time to get you “campaign ready” so that you have 5-15 warm sales conversations booked with prospects who are excited to speak with you. As part of our work together, we will:

  • Help you identify your Perfect Buyer
  • Provide all the ad copy for your campaign outreach
  • Script your videos so that your campaign converts
  • Get your sponsored videos in front of your audience
  • And we cover all of the advertising costs

Your job: wake up, check your inbox, and meet with your potential clients to make sure you want to work with them.

Here's My Promise to You:

You get at least 5 - 15 warm sales conversations booked with prospects who are excited to speak with you.

What's the fee?

$5,000US for the initial project, then $5,000 per month after that.

And I won't expect you to invest any money upfront until we are both 100% certain you can get at least a 2x - 10x return on your initial investment.

However, because this done for you service requires quite a bit of my time and energy, I can only accept a handful of new clients for this program.

So if you're interested and want to take me up on this special offer...

Here's What I Want You to Do Next:

Click here to book some time to speak with me.  That link will open a new window and take you to my Calendar where you're free to book your call.

Once your appointment is confirmed, we'll jump on our call so that I can learn more about what you're looking to do, who your target market is and how you help them. We'll also review your goals, and then see if it makes sense to work together.

Again, this offer is very time sensitive, and very limited due to the time and energy required to get you results, so the sooner you book a time, the more likely you are to grab a spot,


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