How to Scale Your Income and Your Impact by Running High Ticket Coaching Groups

I'm looking to work with a small group of clients who want to scale their business using high ticket group programs, even if you have never broke through the six figures mark before.

Here's Who This is For:

  1. You're an Entrepreneur looking to leverage your time, scale your income and your impact by taking your knowledge and expertise and delivering it to virtual high ticket groups.
  2. You have a proven track record of getting your clients results, even though you may have never run a group program before.
  3. You're willing to change the way you deliver your programs, but not the results or outcomes you deliver for your clients.

Here's What I've Got:

This is an 8-week Group Coaching Program where we help you:

  • Create, launch and sell your very own high-priced group coaching program so that you impact more lives, scale and grow your business to work with 30-50 clients, while still having the desired impact and expected outcomes for your clients.
  • More money-freedom: leverage group programs so that you earn at least $30,000, $50,000 or even $100,000 per Month, without having to work 60-80 hours per week, and without the overwhelm of 1-on-1 clients stealing your time and energy.
  • Have the time-freedom and lifestyle choices that come from running group programs while still providing your clients with customized support and personalized advice so that they can still benefit from your knowledge and experience.

Here's an Outline for the Program:

This will be a very high touch program with significant interaction with both me and the group with which you will be participating.  Program details: 8 weekly live 60-90 minute zoom sessions (that will be recorded for the participants)

They will likely be on Wednesdays @ 3pm noon EST, June 12, 2019 and ending on July 31, 2019.

Actual dates and times may be adjusted to accommodate the majority of participants. The group will be limited to 10 participants.

Investment: $5,000US or payment plan available.  Here's the outline for the program:

  • Day 1: the Perfect Buyer (1-hour)
  • Day 2: Build & Save Prospect List (1-hour)
  • Day 3: Write Your Offer (1-hour)
  • Day 4: Setup Your Offer Page (1-hour)
  • Day 5: Pricing & Program (1-hour)
  • Day 6: Setup Program Page (1-hour)
  • Day 7: Write Value-1 Video Outline (1/2-hour)
  • Day 8: Shoot Value Video (1-hour)
  • Day 9: Setup Landing Page for Value-1 (1-hour)
  • Day 10: Write Value-1 Message (1/2-hour)
  • Day 11: Write Message Replies (1/2-hour)
  • Day 12: Engagement Video (1-hour)
  • Day 13: Setup Landing Page for Engagement Video (1-hour)
  • Day 14: Deploy Campaign
  • Day 15: Prepare for Appts (1/2-hour)
  • Day 16: Cooperative Close
  • Day 17: Tracking the Numbers (1/2-hour)

In addition, we'll also cover:

  • Social Traffic Strategies
  • Web Traffic Strategies
  • Message Bots & Automation

If this program interests you...

Here's What I Want You to Do Next:

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