Endless Client Leads

How to Book Endless Top Of the Line Client Leads in Your Calendar Each Month with Prospects Who Are Excited to Speak with You, Without Wasting Time with Tire-Kickers, And Without Wasting Time with People Who Don't Have Any Money

Here's an Outline of the Program:

  • Day 1: the Perfect Buyer
  • Day 2: Build & Save Prospect List
  • Day 3: the Offer
  • Day 4: Offer Page
  • Day 5: Pricing & Program
  • Day 6: Program Page
  • Day 7: Reviews Page
  • Day 8: Write Value-1 Video Outline
  • Day 9: Shoot Value-1 Video
  • Day 10: Setup Landing Page for Value-1
  • Day 11: Write Value-1 Message
  • Day 12: Write Message Replies
  • Day 13: Engagement Video
  • Day 14: Setup Landing Page for Engagement Video
  • Day 15: Deploy Campaign
  • Day 16 and Ongoing: Prepare for Appointments
  • Day 17 and Ongoing: Cooperative Close
  • Day 18 and Ongoing: Tracking the Campaign

Here's a Fraction of What You Get:

  • How to Write Offers That Drive Highly Qualified Prospects Into Your Online Scheduler
  • How to Filter "No Money" and "Not Ready" Prospects so That You Save Your Time and Energy
  • 15-Day Sequence to Create, Launch & Deploy Your Endless Top-of-the-Line Client Lead System
  • How to Run Your Prospecting Calls so That 80-90% of Your Appts Convert Into New Sales
  • What to Measure and Track So You Improve Your Lead Generation Campaign for Best Results
  • How to Build a "Warm Pool" of Longer Term Sales by Strategically Filling Social Groups

$1,997.00 value

Special FREE Bonus

6-Steps to Market Your Content on Social Media So That Your Business Sells Itself

  • How to Research Tags That Your Perfect Buyer is Searching for Online
  • How to Write Headlines that Sell for Your Social Videos and Content
  • What to Say and Do to Convert Your Social Traffic into High Ticket 1-on-1 Money Conversations
  • Shooting Your Video and the 3 Styles of Video to Use in Your Marketing
  • Where and When to Distribute Your Social Content for the Highest Engagement
  • How to Market Your Content So That You Are Seen Everywhere All of the Time

$499.00 total value, and you get it for FREE.

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Here's What Others Have Said:

Will Crist, Professional EOS Implementer and Business Advisor, USA

Alex Kurm, Process Consultant, Canada

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is this for? +

The Endless Client Leads System is for self-employed coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs who want more inbound leads, and high-ticket money conversations with highly qualified top-of-the-line prospects without working 60-70 hours per week, and without wasting time with tire-kickers or people who "want to pick your brain."  Save time and energy by focusing your prospecting calls on the 90% who raise their hand and tell you they are ready to buy now!

Do I need any special tools or software? +

We recommend the following software for LinkedIn:

Sales Navigator:  is a LinkedIn product that costs $70 per month. If you have never used this premium version of LinkedIn before, then it is free for the first 30-days.

Dux Soup: this is a Google Chrome extension that helps you expand your network and automate your outbound marketing and costs $15 per month. There is also a free version of Dux Soup available.

We recommend the following software for Cold Email:

SellHack: great software to use to build your cold email lists.  Starter is $49/month and gives you 1000 verified email addresses per month.  Plenty if you're just getting started.

Replyify: used to send automated cold email sequences with plenty of tracking to see who opened your emails, how often, and the links they clicked.  There is a 14-day trial you can use to start, then $49/month after that.

Is this safe? Are there any risks? +

LinkedIn has limits on the amount of actions you can perform within a certain amount of time, such as how many profiles you can visit, connect requests, etc.

Some of the cheaper or self-managed services you see on the web throw your account in to an automated system with no limitations or protective measures at all!

There is nothing more important to us than the safety of your account. Our training gives you directions to ensure you work well within the limits of your account. Better safe than sorry!

How long does it take to complete the training and setup my first campaign? +

The Endless Client Leads System takes 15 days to setup and deploy your first campaign if you work 1-2 hours per day.  Work faster or at your own pace, it's up to you!  Most of the walk-thru videos are 5-10 minutes long, short, to the point, making it easy to learn so you can implement quickly.  Some of the video and messaging templates have already been written for you so that you can quickly modify and deploy when you're ready!

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