Endless Client Leads Program

How to Book Endless Top Of the Line Client Leads in Your Calendar Each Month with Prospects Who Are Excited to Speak with You, Without Wasting Time with Tire-Kickers, And Without Wasting Time with People Who Don't Have Any Money

Endless Client Leads

  • Clarify your Best Buyer so that you attract prospects who are the 'best fit' for you and your program or services
  • Schedule qualified appts with prospects who "have money" and "have urgency" so that you're only speaking with people ready to buy now
  • Develop your pricing and program model so that it is "easy for clients to buy" from you and easy for them to say "Yes, I'm in!"
  • Use the exact "fill in the blank" offer template that has generated 762 prospecting calls for me personally so that your business has an unfair advantage over your competition
  • Use my "client reviews" template to create client video testimonials that instantly boost your credibility and give you immediate access to 5 and even 6-figure paydays
  • Need money fast: Copy, paste and send these customized "messaging template" to your new connections to book new sales calls this week!
  • How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile to drive inbound bookings and keep your pipeline full
  • How to find, build and save lists of your Best Buyers on LinkedIn so that you reach the right people

Plus, we'll give you our...

100% Happiness Guarantee:

If you're not thrilled with the Endless Client Leads program within the first 7 days, we'll give you a full refund, no questions asked, and you can keep the training for FREE.

Pick the option that works best for you:

Full Pay

  • Endless Client Leads
  • LinkedIn Marketing Training
  • Live Implementation Call

One Payment of $999US

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Three Pay

  • Endless Client Leads
  • LinkedIn Marketing Training
  • Live Implementation Call

Three payments of $399US

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Here's What Others Have Said:

"Sold my first copy of my online program, and it seems we're just getting started. I’ve owned NFI for 30+ years and this is the best new business generating program I’ve ever taken." ~ Nancy Fredericks, Women's Only Leadership Training

"Thanks for all your feedback and support. The course has really helped me focus my marketing message / offering." ~ Estelle Read, Bringing out Brilliance in People & Businesses, Executive Coach

"Within 30 days of using Steve's marketing system, I got 3 paying clients! I highly recommend Steve's marketing and enrolment system for anyone looking to get paying clients online." ~ Stephen Baldwin, Experienced Pastor, Leadership Coach, Mentor

"I feel like I I'm on the right path, taking the right action and doing the right thing. I have a clear picture of where I'm headed and it feels great. Deciding to join the group was a very good move for me." ~ Lee Demers, Musician and Song Writer

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is this for? +

The Endless Client Leads System is for self-employed coaches, consultants and service-based business owners who want more inbound leads, and highly qualified top-of-the-line prospects that have money, without wasting time with tire-kickers or people who "want to pick your brain."  Save time and energy by focusing your prospecting calls on the 90% who raise their hand and tell you they are ready to buy now!

How does it work? +

Here's How It Works:

You create valuable content that lives longer on social so that you experience network growth and increased social reach.

Our 2-step strategy is simple:

  1. Be really cool to your tribe by giving away free content that gets circulated and lives longer on LinkedIn.
  2. Make irresistible offers that give your business an unfair advantage over your competition.

We show you how to create videos and write content that gets engagement and how to structure your program offers so that you're sharing like you have always wanted to, and making money too.

It's the same reason you're reading this now.  We posted socially, we were really cool to you, and you reached out to see our offer 🙂

How much content do I need to post each week? +

Start by posting social content 3X per week.  Status updates are limited to 1,300 characters (250 - 300 words) on LinkedIn so these articles are short!  You can also post short 1 minute videos 🤳, but it's entirely up to you.  Be creative and choose the style that works best for you, and as you start seeing results, raise your level of commitment and increase your brand presence 😁

Will this work in my industry? +

Short answer: if your market is on LinkedIn, this will work.  See testimonials above.

Do I need any special tools or software? +

We recommend the following tools for marketing on LinkedIn:

Calendar App:  this is to capture appointments with new prospects.  We recommend vcita, Calendly, and a host of other schedulers you can use when setting up your campaign (some free, and some paid).

WordPress:  this is for your Program Page, Reviews Page and Calendar Pages.  Your website does not have to use WordPress, but it does make it easier for making changes to your site.

How long does it take to complete the training and setup my first campaign? +

If normally takes 12 days to setup the Endless Client Leads System.  However, you can get started building your network + posting content right away and see results much faster.  Work faster or at your own pace, it's up to you!  Most of the walk-thru videos are 5-10 minutes long, short, to the point, making it easy to learn so you can implement quickly.  Video and messaging templates have already been written for you so that you can quickly modify and deploy when you're ready!

Is this safe for my account? +

It is completely safe to post content on LinkedIn.

There is nothing more important to us than the safety of your account.  Follow our guidelines in the program to keep your account safe, and healthy for months and years to come 🙂

Why do this now? +

The reality is that LinkedIn's organic reach will not last forever 🙁

The sooner you start posting and getting in front of potential clients, the more likely you are to build your following, drive brand recognition and establish your company on LinkedIn before your competitors figure this out! 😊

The bottom line:  being first is easier.

So invest in yourself.

This program will increase the likelihood of getting more clients and making more money. If you're like me and want to take advantage of the huge opportunities on LinkedIn right now, enrol today 🙂

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