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Get support, network and ask any questions you want.  This is not a Facebook or Linkedin Group.

Here's How It Works:  Our proprietary software gives you the ability to have contact with all groups members and your coach each day.  Regardless of what time zone you’re in or where you live in the world... If you login tonight at 6pm your time and have a question or feel stuck, Your Coach or another member in Your Group will login tomorrow and either answer your question or provide you with a link to a resource to get answers

  • Support is always there
  • Your questions always get answered
  • You're never alone

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Get the Self-Study Courses ($2,491.00 value FREE Today) when you enrol in the Marketing Club.

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Marketing Club Tour

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Gain access to Steve for the next 4-weeks, plus the Self-Study Courses ($2,491.00 value FREE Today) for only $799.  If you’re not completely thrilled within 4-weeks of working together, you’re free to cancel and we both go our own separate ways so it’s no risk to you.  PLUS, you can keep any of the training you download to your computer or smart phone


What is the Marketing Club? +

The Marketing Club features a combination of monthly live Q&A, Client only coaching groups and a series of Self-Study Mini Courses designed to help you get clearer on your messaging and more confident in creating marketing that helps you attract 5-star prospects, close more deals and have more fun 🙂

Building your coaching business don't have to be so hard. Join us today and achieve more in ways you never knew you could!

Will this work in my Industry? +

Here are some of the markets on LinkedIn that work really well with our system:

If your client are... CEO's, VP's, Director's, business leaders, Entrepreneurs, Doctors, Chiropractors, Dentists, Lawyers OR Career Seekers at any level in an organization, then these are all great markets to target on LinkedIn.

Will you review my marketing? +

Absolutely! Part of the focus of the Club is to provide you with guidance around your marketing. You can share squeeze pages, Linkedin Profiles and any links you can think of in the Club. One of our skilled coaches will provide you with feedback within a day of posting your marketing to help guide your marketing activities so that you get clients, make progress and get the best results.

Is this a course? When is the first class? +

No, the Marketing Club is not a course. The coaching groups, classes and hosted chats are all extremely useful, but optional. The main goal of the Club is to help you overcome obstacles that prevent you from creating great marketing that helps you attract more of your Dream Clients, more often so you create a business you love.

We announce the schedule of classes/groups/chats at the beginning of each new session.

What about technology!!! +

Yes, sometimes technology can slow us down, when it is supposed to speed things up!  We've actually had members jump on a Skype or Zoom call together, share screens and generally help each other sort through technical issues so that you can easily begin automating your Lead Generation on LinkedIn or Facebook.  Our tribe has got your back!

In addition to member support, we have several "walk thru" videos and screen captures that share where to click and what settings to use so that you reach more people, close more deals, and build a sustainable business using technology and automation tools.

What if I don't have time for this? +

Believe it or not, you will save time in the long run if you join the Club. There are several reasons for this. You will manage your time better. You will find times for your very important long-term projects and launches that you didn’t know you had. The encouragement from your peers and coach will make your emotional state steadier, enabling you to do more and to take time off.

Finally, our extensive data shows that on average, each club member spends seven or eight minutes a day on the site. Surely you can afford that amount of time in order to write marketing that gets results? What is the cost of not taking care of your marketing? More anxiety and stress? It really is worth 8 minutes a day!

I’m in Europe/Asia/Australia. How do I get the group support? +

That’s the beauty of a program like this, which gives you the most important support you need in an “asynchronous” way. In other words, the members of your group are potentially there 24/7. You might post your Daily 5 about your writing challenges on Friday, Jan 7, 9:00 am in Australia; and someone in New York City will read your response an hour later at 7:00 pm on Thursday, Jan. 6. That person will then comment, and you will get the full benefit of the comment. We have many members in Australia, New Zealand, India, Japan, and of course all over Europe.

Similarly, our coaching groups and classes are all recorded and made available on the site in a downloadable mp3 format, and you are always reminded to submit comments or questions ahead of time.

I'm new to marketing. Can the Club still help me? +

Absolutely! One of the research-based premises of the Marketing Club is the idea that writing helps you gain clarity on your goals, your niche market and what you offer to clients. It’s difficult to move forward confidently when you don’t write regularly. So, even when you don’t feel good or want to write when you start your day, you start! It may not be perfect but starting gives you the clarity you need to reach your goals faster than doing nothing. You will save months or even years if you use this strategy for your marketing.

I’ve been marketing for years. Can the Marketing Club help me? +

Yes. People who are experienced in writing marketing sometimes find their motivation flagging, fall off from their writing or are unsure about what’s “next” for them. Often, we need some structure to get going again. For whatever reason, we are all more productive when we have accountability, structure, support, or reminders at various stages of our life to help us get back on track. Needless to say, you will not be alone when you join.

Are all club members in the same group? +

Not at all. The Marketing Club depends on small group interaction. When you register, you’ll be placed into a group of about 12 people at your level, with an experienced Marketing Club coach.

Although many Club members choose an anonymous online “nickname,” these groups are incredibly successful in developing a community of encouragement, support, accountability and closeness. This kind of environment helps you generate and sustain momentum. Knowing that other people who have been there before helps you overcome your own isolation, confusion, and self-blame. That’s our goal – for you to feel good about yourself, freeing you up to accomplish your goals and create a real business.

I can't join this session... when is the next session? +

Our sessions run every 28 days. You can always find this session’s start date by going to the main “Join Now” section just above these FAQs. Just under the “Join Now” heading is the information about Marketing Club session start dates.

I'll be away for a week during this session. What should I do? +

Of course, we believe that the Marketing Club is worth it even if you miss a week. We do not prorate, so it is up to you to decide whether you want to wait until the next session to sign up, or reap the benefits of belonging to the Club during the current/upcoming session.

Keep in mind that one of the benefits of being a member of the Club is that you have the structure to get you back into the habit of writing, as opposed to getting overwhelmed with all that you need to do following your time off.

Does my membership automatically renew? +

Yes, as clearly stated both on the website and on the payment page, your membership is renewed automatically at the end of the subscription period that you have chosen. However, you can easily cancel at any time by mailing us at:

We suggest you mark your calendar a few days before your membership is scheduled to renew so that you can remind yourself to cancel your membership.  When that times comes, you can decide if you want to continue with the Marketing Club, or if we go our separate ways. It's entirely up to you!

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