Susan Epstein, Business Coach, USA

Will Crist, Professional EOS Implementer and Business Advisor, USA

Mindy Gibbins-Klein, Book Writing Coach, UK

John Baafi, Information Security Consultant, Canada

Stephen Baldwin, Pastor, Coach, Business Owner, USA

Alex Kurm, Process Consultant, Canada

"New client onboarded last week; the work I've done here and Steve's clarity also helped me stay focused on the vetting/qualifying the call. Thanks, Steve!"

~ Michael Reins, USA

"Sold my first copy of my online program, and it seems we're just getting started. I’ve owned NFI for 30+ years and this is the best new business generating program I’ve ever taken."

~ Nancy Fredericks, USA

"I feel like I I'm on the right path, taking the right action and doing the right thing. I have a clear picture of where I'm headed and it feels great. Deciding to join the group was a very good move for me."

~ Lee Demers, USA

"Thanks for all your feedback and support. The course has really helped me focus my marketing message / offering."

Estelle Read, Executive Coach, United Kingdom

"Had 2 potential client calls - both came from LI connection requests. One was a yes!"

Charleen Fariselli, CPA, USA 

Sudbury, Ontario, CANADA
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