Will Crist, Professional EOS Implementer and Business Advisor, USA

John Baafi, Information Security Consultant, Canada

Stephen Baldwin, Pastor, Coach, Business Owner, USA

Alex Kurm, Process Consultant, Canada

"New client onboarded last week; the work I've done here and Steve's clarity also helped me stay focused on the vetting/qualifying the call. Thanks, Steve!"

~ Michael Reins, USA

"Sold my first copy of my online program, and it seems we're just getting started. I’ve owned NFI for 30+ years and this is the best new business generating program I’ve ever taken."

~ Nancy Fredericks, USA

"I feel like I I'm on the right path, taking the right action and doing the right thing. I have a clear picture of where I'm headed and it feels great. Deciding to join the group was a very good move for me."

~ Lee Demers, USA

"Thanks for all your feedback and support. The course has really helped me focus my marketing message / offering."

Estelle Read, Executive Coach, United Kingdom

"Had 2 potential client calls - both came from LI connection requests. One was a yes!"

Charleen Fariselli, CPA, USA 

Sudbury, Ontario, CANADA
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