Marketing Club

This is a marketing support group where you will learn to:

  • Write better copy, create better content videos, so that you build loyalty and gain reach through channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Your Blog
  • Once every session we jump on a LIVE Q&A call (calls are recorded) to review best practices and what's working NOW with digital marketing so you get more online business
  • Once every session, we review one piece of your marketing - for example a video that you've posted socially to make sure you're 100% certain how to grow and improve your marketing

Price: $499.00 

Level: Intermediate

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"Sold my first copy of my online program, and it seems we're just getting started. I’ve owned NFI for 30+ years and this is the best new business generating program I’ve ever taken." ~ Nancy Fredericks, Women's Only Leadership Training

"Thanks for all your feedback and support. The course has really helped me focus my marketing message / offering." ~ Estelle Read, Bringing out Brilliance in People & Businesses, Executive Coach

"Within 30 days of using Steve's marketing system, I got 3 paying clients! I highly recommend Steve's marketing and enrolment system for anyone looking to get paying clients online." ~ Stephen Baldwin, Pastor & Pastor Advisor

"I feel like I I'm on the right path, taking the right action and doing the right thing. I have a clear picture of where I'm headed and it feels great. Deciding to join the group was a very good move for me." ~ Lee Demers, Musician and Song Writer


Endless Client Leads

8-week course with Q&A Call recordings, access to the Endless Client Leads community >>> step-by-step training on how to design, structure and position a success marketing campaign on LinkedIn to get endless client leads

  • Clarify your Best Buyer so that you attract potential prospects who love what you do, and are excited to work with you
  • Develop your pricing and a program that is "easy to sell" and speaks to your clients needs without having to convince anyone to buy from you
  • Use my "fill in the blank" template to make irresistible offers that give your business an unfair advantage over your competition
  • Setup your marketing system to qualify the "No Money" and "Not Ready" prospects so that you you're only speaking with decision-makers who are the best buyers for your programs and services

Price: $999.00

Level: Intermediate